Yoga Cave



Vinyasa flow basics - learn the foundation of yoga postures and poses.  Connect movement to breath and begin to

work out some of the kinks...find your rhythm in this slower pace sequence in the warmth of only 80 degrees.


This style of Vinyasa considers "ha" = sun and "tha" = moon; the two opposing parts of the body and "yolking"

(yoga) them together. With breath and variations of poses, your body becomes more supple, strong, flexible

and balanced.  In the warmth of 85-90 degrees, this is also a wonderful class for beginners! 


Focus on the precision and structural alignment in this class; gradually move from simple poses to more complex

ones and develop mind, body and spirit.  Relax and lengthen the muscles, that will in turn encourage strength,

mobility as well as stability awareness, to each pose. Props are often used to assist as your practice progresses.

You will FEEL amazing! 


This form of yoga uses a three-fold method of posture, breath and gaze point. These help bring focus, concentration

as well as stillness, to the mind...while building strength, flexibility and endurance to the body.


When your body needs a little rest and relaxation.  This slow-paced Vinyasa has an

ease about it; flow gently - and surrender on your mat to mend.


Breathe in the many benefits of this style of yoga.  From a restorative aspect; come relax in various seated

and laying down poses - to stretch and enhance your flexibility.  Quiet your mind, feel grounded and

bring emotional balance to your mind, body and soul.  NO HEAT.


This is an exhilarating!  Refresh and energize in this sometimes more quick paced class, that becomes

meditation in motion.  On Sundays at 2:00 pm, this class is 75 minutes for meditation time.


 A powerful, energetic form of yoga.  Fluidly move from one pose to the next while looping breath to transition.

Focus, slow down, allowing yourself to hold poses longer to build strength.  The heat will assist flexibility and

make your practice a vigorous and revitalizing form of physical fitness...taking you to an EDGE.


Through the fundamentals of a Vinyasa, this class is designed to increase core, muscle strength and flexibility. 

With the use of free-weights, find yourself through timed movements, repetitions and a little cardio!  These sequences

are an all encompassing, total body workout - - fun and high-intensity!... for mind, body and soul.   


This high energy class is a combination of low impact with high intensity interval training, with the

principles of Pilates. From top to bottom, fire up your glutes and core, switching to cardio and strength

training to target legs and arms. Get hit with a total body workout!    


 Combine core strength, flexibility and mindset - this set sequence of 26 static holds, balance and flow,

will deepen your practice.  Elevated temperature to 100 degrees, adds extra warmth to your body that

will encourage blood flow, detoxify, increase metabolism and improve cardiovascular system.


Let your little ones find themselves between breaths, flowing through this enriching yoga series.

Provide mindful movements, proper alignment, strengthen their bodies, some relaxation and meditation...

all wrapped in FUN!!  Girls and Boys - Grades 1 to 5. NO HEAT!  Sessions are seasonal.